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Patios, along with other outdoor spaces like decking and roof terraces, make an ideal extension to your indoor living space. When the sun is shining and the days are long, they help make the most of your outdoor areas, providing a place to relax, to entertain, to eat and share company.

Yet many people find their patios sadly underused. They go to the effort of laying the flags, or fixing the decking in place, with high hopes of spending pleasant summer’s evenings and weekends right there. Only it somehow doesn’t materialise that way.

We can blame the changeable British weather in part, but not completely. The truth is, people underuse their outdoor spaces because, once built, they don’t take enough care in making them inviting, comfortable places to be.

We spend a lot of time and money getting our living rooms, our kitchens and diners, even our conservatories kitted out so they are just right. And then we wonder why we don’t feel the same urge to sit on the patio when all it has for furnishings is a few sparse plastic chairs.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces, try taking your indoor approach to decor and furnishings outside. Here are some of the best options for making your patio feel more a part of you home.



Daybeds and sofas

Why would you want to sit on something outside that is less comfortable than the furniture you have in your front room? We might have to put up with hard plastic sunloungers when we are catching a few rays by the poolside on holiday, but we don’t have to at home. Daybeds, outdoor sofas, ottomans and sofa chairs all make sure you will be just as comfortable outdoors as in. And what do you do when it rains? You simply pull the cushions off and take them inside.



Tables and chairs

How many times have you been to a BBQ and ended up eating inside? And not just because the rain inevitably arrives, but because there was just no seating or table space outside? A meal outdoors on a warm summer’s day is one of life’s great pleasures. Give yourself that option by investing in  a stylish table or chair set which you wouldn’t mind having in your dining room. And while you are at it, why not think about a coffee table for your patio, too? They are just as handy outside as they are in your living room.



Outdoor lighting

On those truly glorious summer’s evenings, it always seems a shame to have to come indoors when the light fades, especially when you are entertaining. But don’t settle for the glare of a outdoor security light - invest in something which will suit the mood. Outdoor lights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your tastes. For a touch of something different, how about a string of festoon lights to hang across your garden? Or for the softer touch, try lanterns or outdoor candles.