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With summer just around the corner, thoughts can turn to lazy weekends and long evenings soaking up some sunshine out in the garden.

If you are the sort of person that likes to make the most of fine weather outdoors, then it is well worth investing in making your time in the garden as comfortable as possible.

We tend to think of sun loungers and deck chairs as being the right furniture for indulging in a spot of sunbathing. But think of it this way - would you sit in a deck chair in your living room watching the television all evening?

If you plan on spending any amount of time sat outdoors, then you might as well aim for the same level of comfort as you take for granted inside your home. If a sofa is the right choice for sitting and socialising indoors, then why should outdoors be any different?


Teak garden sofas

Our range of outdoor sofas and garden daybeds are the ideal solution for living it up in the sunshine this summer. Combining style and comfort, they come in a range of designs, including Ottomans, classic two- and three-seat sofas, daybeds and armchairs.

Sturdier and more attractive than deck chairs or rickety sun loungers, garden sofa sets look the part and are better for socialising, too. Whether it is just you sprawled out in the sun with a book and a cold drink, or a group of friends and family sat enjoying a BBQ, they are adaptable for every occasion.

Our garden sofa and daybed ranges are manufactured from teak. Teak is the ideal material for outdoor furniture because it is one of the hardest, most durable woods available. Teak is weather and pest resistant, and with a minimal amount of care and attention will last a lifetime.

Not only do you get great longevity for your investment, teak also looks great, a pleasant sandy brown shade when the wood is still young, weathering to a distinctive mottled grey over time.



Teak care

Teak is naturally weather resistant and extremely tough. It is a tropical wood and traditionally the largest, oldest trees have been sought after as they provide the hardest timber. However, Jo Alexander sources all of its timber from sustainable planted forests, where wood from younger trees is kiln dried to harden it close to the properties you get from very ancient trees.

As with any wood, teak will expand and contract with temperature changes and with water getting into the material. Cracks can therefore appear in the surface, but in teak furniture, these are only superficial. The wood is too hard for weather to cause any structural damage, and over time you will notice cracks come and then go again.

Over time and with exposure to sunlight and rain, teak’s attractive olive colour will fade to a pencil grey patterned with silver flecks. This in itself is a very distinctive feature of teak and is sought after by many people. However, if you prefer the colour of the young wood, you can treat your garden sofa with a teak protector.

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