Medium Parasol Cover

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Medium parasol cover recommended for 2.3, 2.5 & 3.0m round parasols


Width: 32cm
Depth: 32cm
Height: 153cm

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Parasol Covers

Parasols are a great garden accessory: they are capable of gathering the garden activities beneath themselves, of effectively articulating garden life around them. Their shade is comforting and welcoming; its fabric reminds us of sails and seagulls, of beautiful marinas and luxurious yachts. The use of a parasol, however, is an extremely seasonal one; especially in the United Kingdom. One morning the sun might be shining in its full bloom; only to disappear behind thick clouds in the afternoon. That is when it becomes important to look after our outdoor parasol; for taking good care of them will guarantee the long lifespan of our chosen products.

Folding our newly acquired parasol is the most recommended way of keeping them safe from rain water and dust when storing it for a long time; the combination of moisture and dust could cause the fabric to be mouldy - it thus becomes crucial never to fold or store a damp parasol. In addition, there is no better way to keep a parasol stored and free from dust than with one of the Parasol Covers in the Jo Alexander Collection. Our Parasol Covers have been tailored in order to fit perfectly with both your Round Parasols and Rectangle Parasols - the highest quality in Covers that is available in the market; as always guaranteed by the name of our prestigious collection.

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