Sculptured Concrete Pebbles (Three sizes)

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Small in stock / pre-order Medium and Large pebbles for Mid May 2021

Oh Wow! - we really love these multi purpose polished concrete Pebbles to set off any patio, garden, hotel lawn or office space.

Whilst creating a calming scene, these pebbles are also a subtle way of placing seating for time to reflect or add in as a coffee table to existing garden seating.

Create either a serene seaside view, set up the perfect tranquil seating area to catch the afternoon sun or simply display as a garden ornament or coffee table near a babbling fountain.

* Polished fibre re-inforced Concrete
* Low maintenance with easy clean surface
* Contemporary style
* Constructed with a moulded recess to reduce the weight 


76 x 67 x 40 cm (Small) - 22kg Weight 

156 x 80 x44 cm (Medium) - 35kg Weight 

145 x 120 x 45 cm (Large) - 55kg Weight 

Product Care
We advise that you do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on the concrete. Wiping it over with a damp cloth and non-citric washing up liquid is generally recommended.
Acidic substances, such as vinegar or lemon juice (and also hot tableware), could etch the surface of the concrete so the use of coasters and table mats under liquids will help protect the surface.

Concrete is porous and liquid can soak into the surface so ensure you wipe up any spillages immediately, but with regular waxing, (approximately three times a year, or more if desired) this will help to keep your concrete sealed. We can provide a wax for this purpose, see our Concrete Furniture Wax or we suggest using a good quality car wax for this job.

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Item ref: JAPRB10
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