10 Best Wooden Garden Bench For Perfect Outdoor Living

10 Best Wooden Garden Bench For Perfect Outdoor Living

Garden benches are among the most popular pieces of outdoor furniture available today; it's no surprise considering there is a huge range to choose from, including wooden, metal, bamboo, rattan, or even concrete benches. So, whatever your preference may be, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Some appear far more stylish, while others are much simpler, but each garden offers a unique opportunity to add an elegant, stunning garden bench, which can personalise any living space outside.

Garden benches serve primarily as a place to sit down and relax amongst friends or family members, but they also do wonders in enhancing the look of your outdoor living space, especially wooden garden benches, with their rustic and idyllic charm. Below you will find 10 of the best wooden garden benches, which will spruce up any garden setting whilst being both aesthetically pleasing and functional:

If you’re looking for a small wood bench, then the Country Teak Garden Bench will be perfect for your needs. It is cleverly designed with a flat armrest for additional comfort and to help rest that refreshing cup of tea or glass of wine, making the outdoor experience a little more relaxing and enjoyable. It is made using teak wood, so you can expect it to last for many more years to come. This wooden bench is great for a couple or as a present at a wedding, an anniversary, on someone's birthday, or any other special occasion.

This Country Garden Bench is the larger version of our previously mentioned garden bench. It is also made with teak wood and can provide seating for up to four people. It is a classic, traditional garden bench, which will certainly stand out as beautiful, unique decor and an outdoor seating area in your garden. It is suitable for a patio or lawn area but can also be used for dining purposes.

The Burnham Garden Bench, with its rustic yet modern charm, is ideal for a perfect, relaxing summer afternoon with family or friends. It has always been one of the best-sellers and is crafted using A-grade teak plantation timbers, which are one of the most durable hardwoods for making garden furniture. The Burnham bench is practical garden furniture and comes with a curved seat for added comfort and style. It can comfortably seat three people and is a wonderful decor for your garden.

If you're looking for a furniture piece to create the perfect outdoor dining experience, then look no further than the Marlow Armless Bench. This bench is finely crafted with curves and slats in all the right places, which will complement any other types of furniture you may have outside your home. With no armrests, this bench is great for those who want easy access to get up and sit down. It's best suited when placed against a wall, on grass, or in a quiet corner of your patio.

The Jane-Mary Garden Bench is a beautifully designed and crafted wooden bench that will spruce up your outdoor space for years to come! With soft curves on the seat as well as the back, this wooden bench is both stylish and comfortable to sit on. It comes pre-assembled with all the necessary non-visible dowel fixings for a much tidier finish. This sleek yet sturdy wooden bench can fit three people comfortably and is a great addition to any garden setting, including a patio, lawn, or even against a wall.

Featuring an elegant antique design, the Provence Vintage Bench will instantly add character and charm to your outdoor space. It is made from plantation teak that is ethically sourced and has undergone a texturing process to give it a classic look and feel. This beautiful garden bench can work with your existing outdoor dining table or be used as a standalone seating area to add a touch of rustic charm to your garden space.

The Monet teak garden bench has a graceful and elegant design that combines beauty with functionality. It has a soft, curvaceous line and an elegantly arched back with a smooth roll-top finish to give it a unique appearance. This luxurious garden bench will undoubtedly become a welcoming feature in your garden, always inviting and comfortable to use, whether hosting large dinner parties or spending a quiet relaxing afternoon.

The Emily Gray Garden Bench is an exquisitely crafted bench that features beautifully turned finials, adding to its charm and style. It is made from the finest plantation timber and uses only non-visible dowel fixings to give a much cleaner, flusher finish. The bench can comfortably provide seating for up to three people and will gracefully last for many years in any type of garden setting.

The Lutyens Garden Bench is one of the most exceptional garden benches designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Its back and armrests are intricately carved with a traditional, yet whimsical, design that adds a touch of elegance and charm to any type of outdoor setting. This bench seats three to four people comfortably and can be placed on either a patio, lawn or against a stone wall.

The Rosemoor Vintage Reclaimed Bench is crafted using reclaimed teak wood, giving it a fresh start but with the same strength and durability as new teak garden furniture. The rustic charm of this bench is in its character—the knots, in-fills, and natural cracks from its previous life that give each piece its own unique personality. The garden bench combines a unique upcycled design with functionality and can easily provide seating for up to four people.

Where should a garden bench be placed?

You can place a garden bench anywhere you can imagine sitting comfortably for hours on end, preferably with a good view of your garden or home and away from the sun. It can be put in an open space, against a wall, under a tree's shade, in a peaceful corner of your garden, or as a wonderful addition to an outdoor dining table or furniture. Place your bench away from garden paths and blind corners where you, your family, or friends may trip, particularly if you have children.