Living Room

Jo Alexander’s selection of wooden living room furniture has been carefully chosen to ensure that it delivers an air of distinction that any home in search of elegance deserves. The collection includes an unexcelled range of highest quality products - it is thus guaranteed that no matter what your preference is, you will be securing a long term investment for your living room by choosing any of them.

The wooden living room furniture collection features two pieces made of rattan, namely the Tapered Log Basket and the Log Carrier, two fireplace accessories that will hardly go unnoticed due to the degree of beautiful craftsmanship they irradiate. In addition to carrying logs, these items can acquire a variety of functions, such as storage for toys at the end of the day or magazines on Saturday morning, respectively.

Within our Teak Furniture Living Room selection, three items are to be found, all of them manufactured using equally ambitious techniques that have quality as their primary aspiration. Made from reclaimed Indonesian Teak Wood, Jo Alexander’s Large Six Drawer Chest, paired with our superbly crafted Teak Mirror; will create a truly welcoming atmosphere in your living room, the best possible companionship for a luxurious sofa set. A Teak Coffee Table will be the best option to make a ritual out of what would have been a mere break from your routine: a place where to place your drinks and refreshments without compromising on quality or sophistication.

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Living Room
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