Dining Chairs

Completing our sumptuous interior collection is the teak dining room furniture range, a beautiful selection of furniture inspired in Tuscan landscape and personality. Any of the pieces within this range will bring the fresh atmosphere of the outdoors into your dining room.

The Lloyd Loom Side Chair is our signature suggestion for any dining room in search of the aforementioned qualities, which are no doubt the recipe of success for feasting. Made using traditional methods of outstanding craft and expertise, they are the perfect accompaniment to our reclaimed teak tables. Extremely sturdy and durable, six or eight of them will fill your living room with nutmeg shades of southern warmth.

Eight people is precisely the ideal number of diners to be seated around Jo Alexander’s Siena Rustic Dining Table, with a mighty 210cm in length to fill up with elaborate dishes and delectable platters of scrumptious bites.

A more modest choice for a table would be our Tuscan Rustic Dining Table, still inspired in Italian savoir faire, yet smaller in size: either 170cm or 180cm, a perfect size for four to six guests to be seated comfortably around delicate cuisine of your making.

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Dining Chairs
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