Polished Concrete

Robust yet refined, sturdy yet sophisticated, polished concrete is the ideal choice if you are looking for garden furniture that will stand the test of time.

Still a choice of material that slips under the radar for a lot of people when they are weighing up furniture options, our premium quality polished concrete range is nonetheless growing in popularity all the time. In many cases, once customers have experienced the benefits of concrete outdoor furniture for themselves, they never go back.

Guaranteed not to warp, sag or rot whatever the weather conditions, and tough enough to remain in pristine condition for years if a few simple care steps are followed, polished concrete is an ideal practical solution if your garden furniture gets a lot of use.

Our polished concrete furniture range, both individual items and sets, are designed to sit comfortably in any outdoor space. Set on simple wooden frames, our concrete tables add an uncomplicated style and elegance to a garden or patio. The table surfaces are polished and waxed to a smooth matt finish, giving a mottled, marbled effect which does not need any other kind of decoration or adornment.

We stock rectangular and round polished concrete tables in a range of sizes. Our combined concrete table and chairs sets provide flexible seating and dining options for all occasions, whether it is sitting around chatting with friends on a summer’s evening, or enjoying a formal meal outdoors.

In our opinion, and for many of our customers, the smooth, cool feel of the polished concrete really is the perfect accompaniment to dining al fresco on a hot summer’s day!

To complement our concrete table and chairs sets, we also stock a lovely Roma polished concrete bench, which like our tables is set atop a treated wooden frame. Again, it is all about having an alternative option to the familiar timber-and-iron park bench styles we are used to.

Two of our favourite concrete products are our Seville modular sofa and coffee table. The Seville polished concrete sofa really shows off the uniform, regular geometries of cast concrete to great effect, creating a sophisticated modern look. The simple two-block cuboid design of the coffee table, meanwhile, really appeals to those stripped down, ‘shabby chic’ sensibilities.

Polished concrete really is one of the easiest materials to take care of, and with a minimum amount of attention will continue to look as good as new in your garden for years. Covers are advised, as concrete is a porous material and rain water will seep into it. It is recommended to raise covers off the surface slightly so air can circulate. Spills should always be wiped up as soon as possible.

To keep moisture out, you should wax any polished concrete furniture at least once a year, although some products, such as our Turin region concrete table, are pre-treated so they do not need to be waxed.

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Polished Concrete
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