Designed to be admired

Enjoy the ultimate comfort and style in your outdoor space with our premium collection of garden benches that are sustainably sourced and built to last. Crafted from A-grade plantation teak and reclaimed teak timber, our outdoor benches are the epitome of perfection or reflect the inconsistencies, intricacies and rustic charm of a pre-loved object. And if you prefer contemporary over classic, we have concrete benches too…

Our garden benches are fitted with non-visible dowel fixings for a sleek, polished look that will blend seamlessly with the garden decor while ensuring a sturdy and stable garden bench that will last for years to come. Some of our garden furniture also come pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation, saving you time and the hassle of assembly.

Made to last

Superior craftsmanship, and of course using the very best materials, combine to make our garden benches a winner all year round. Whether you invest in our concrete or teak garden benches, in ornate, traditional or contemporary designs, you can be sure that your purchase will see you through more than just a few seasons. Our benches are built to last and can withstand any weather condition, making them the perfect addition to any garden or patio.

The high concentrations of oils in teak wood make it particularly suitable for outdoor use, and it can be left untreated, in which case it will turn a beautiful soft silvery grey. Maintenance is also a breeze — you can simply wipe teak garden benches down with a damp cloth to keep them looking pristine all year round. Alternatively you can apply Teak Patinizer or Teak Protector – it all depends on how you want your bench to look in years to come!

Invest in teak garden furniture you can enjoy through every season.

Ethically Sourced

Our new teak garden benches are crafted using A-grade plantation teak, which is sustainably sourced from Government controlled forests in Indonesia. To make the plantation variety as strong as teak from ancient forests, it is kiln dried – the result is dense, durable wooden benches that will withstand high use and last for many years. New teak has a flawless natural finish.

Reclaimed teak benches have a rustic feel thanks to its characterful inconsistencies. Some of the reclaimed wood may have been a roof beam, or a floorboard – as such the benches themselves will retain aesthetics such as knots, cracks and in-fills. Reclaimed teak has a unique character.

For more information on our wooden and concrete garden benches call us on 01954 267857.

Our teak garden benches features:

  • Pre-assembled
  • Non-visible dowel fixings
  • Many exclusive designs
  • Can be kept outdoors all year round
  • Easy to maintain
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Do wooden benches last a long time?

The lifespan of a wooden bench will vary greatly depending on many factors, including the type of wood used, the quality of the construction, its exposure to different weather elements, and the level of care and maintenance it receives. Our wooden benches are made from A grade teak wood, which is regarded as one of the best timbers for outdoor use, because of its durability and ability to withstand exposure to various elements better than other hardwoods. With proper care and maintenance, teak wooden benches can last a very long time—up to 70 years or even more.

Do you need a base for a garden bench?

We highly recommend having a sturdy and stable base for a garden bench, as this will provide safety, stability and durability to the bench while also helping to elevate it and make it more comfortable for users to sit on. The base materials you choose will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the type of bench you intend to purchase. Some popular options include concrete blocks, paving stones, plastic, or even wood.

What is the best garden bench length?

Our garden benches come in different sizes ranging from 120 cm (1.2 m) to 220 cm (2.2 m) to accommodate your needs, your garden space, and the number of people who will be using it. For small gardens or limited spaces, a 120 cm bench, like our Country Teak Garden Bench, is a good choice as it provides enough seating space for two people. However, if you have a larger garden or want to accommodate more people, you may want to consider getting a garden bench that is longer than 150 cm. For example, a 180 cm bench, such as our Provence Vintage Bench, is ideal for family gatherings and outdoor dining. Benches are also perfect for making a statement in a particular area of a garden and are often used in landscaping projects to add interest as well as seating.

Can you put a bench on the grass?

Teak wooden benches can be placed on grass without affecting the bench legs because of their exceptional waterproofing qualities and resistance to rotting. However, there are other things to consider before doing so. Putting a bench on grass damages it and creates bare spots or dead grass on top of the soil, which can be unsightly and difficult to repair. Springtime or wet weather conditions also soften the soil, causing the bench to sink when sat on. Moreover, the ground surface can be bumpy and uneven, resulting in an unstable or wobbly garden bench.

Can a concrete bench stay outside in winter?

Yes, high-quality concrete benches can stay outside in winter, however, because concrete is a porous material, you will need to cover the concrete with a breathable cover and keep applying concrete wax. Over time the appearance of the concrete will change. Concrete is solid and robust but can be damaged by impact and frosts. Long term wear and tear of chips and any cracking can be fixed. It is important to stress that cracks do not affect its durability, they simply add character to the table. The repair will be visible but will blend in over time, especially with the reapplication of wax.