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The joy of outdoor living is only made possible by a beautifully furnished garden, and what better a choice to decorate one’s garden than our elegant range of teak outdoor garden furniture that includes tables, benches and chairs.

Within our collection, every portion of your garden can find its ideal furnishing: from teak benches to teak tables, sofas and sun loungers, our teak garden furniture is designed to cater for the tasteful client, just like you. Jo Alexander’s delightful sofas, benches and sunloungers will be the best place to rest on a long summer afternoon; whereas our tables, be them round, rectangular or extending, are the perfect resource for outdoor Sunday lunches.

Our teak outdoor furniture is are made A-grade teak from certified plantations, thus guaranteeing the quality and durability of each and every one of them. A tropical hardwood, teak is used to manufacture a variety of products where weather resistance is not an option, such as high-end ships and yachts. On purchasing on our teak garden products, you are securing a long-term investment for your garden: a product that will bring your garden alive as it becomes an integral part of it.

For more information on our teak garden furniture call us on 01954 267857.

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What wood is best for outdoor furniture?

Teak is often considered the best wood for outdoor furniture for its timeless, elegant look and exceptional durability that can withstand any weather conditions, even after years of sun, rain and snow. A-grade teak naturally holds a high oil content, which makes it highly resistant to outside elements as well as rotting, mildew growth and insect damage—qualities that are essential for outdoor furniture. Untreated teak wood also ages gracefully, changing from the original natural golden-brown to a silvery-grey patina over time, adding a unique rustic charm to your outdoor living space. With proper care and maintenance, teak outdoor furniture is known to last for a very long time, even decades.

How do you clean teak outdoor furniture?

To clean teak outdoor furniture, we recommend using mild detergent and a soft-bristled brush. You can start by brushing off loose dirt and dust with a soft-bristle brush. Then, use a mild detergent and water to gently scrub the wood’s surface, and let the teak air dry completely. You can also gently rub the grain with fine sandpaper to give it a smooth finish. Avoid jet washing to clean the teak, as it can erode the joints and make the furniture more susceptible to wear and tear. For more tips, visit our guide on how to care for teak outdoor furniture.

Should you oil teak furniture?

Oiling your teak furniture is not necessary, as all our A-grade teak holds its own natural oil and resin content. This built-in protection gives teak its waterproofing qualities and makes it naturally resistant to weathering, rot, mildew and insects. Though oiling is not needed, as teak ages, it changes to a silvery-grey patina over time. However, if you would like to retain the same original golden brown colour as when it was purchased, a teak protector can be used instead, which will also add an extra layer of protection for your teak outdoor furniture. You can read in more detail here.

How soon can I get my outdoor furniture delivered?

We will always do our best to provide our customers with reliable and prompt delivery service, as well as meet specific delivery requirements. It’s always worth contacting us if you have a date in mind. But please be aware that delivery times can vary during our busy period (April-August). Therefore, we recommend placing your order as early as possible to ensure timely delivery and avoid any disappointment.If you need any help with your current order or delivery, our friendly team is always here to assist you. You can call us on 01954 267857 or email us at

Where can I buy furniture covers? And what qualities should I look out for?

For your furniture cover needs, we recommend brands like Bosmere and Bramblecrest, who are well-known for their quality furniture covers. Below are some important qualities you should look for in furniture covers:

  • Durable and built to withstand outside elements and everyday wear and tear
  • Tear resistance for preventing accidental rips and tears
  • Water-repellent coating and waterproof seams to keep your furniture dry
  • Breathable with air vents to prevent trapped moisture and condensation
  • UV and frost resistance for protection against the sun’s UV rays and harsh frost during colder months.