Your guide to Jo Alexander's Guarantees


At Jo Alexander, we are proud and confident of the quality of our ‘Jo Alexander branded Teak and Wicker furniture’. Therefore, whilst most suppliers/manufacturers will typically offer a one year guarantee, we've extended ours to three years on Jo Alexander branded furniture. We also do this to offer extra reassurance in the decision making process when choosing your garden furniture.

Our Concrete and Resin range require regular upkeep and maintenance and we offer a one year guarantee on these products.

For all our non-Jo Alexander branded products, the guarantee period will be a minimum of one year. (Note: some brands do offer much longer guarantees – please check with us directly if you have a specific product query).

The Nitty Gritty bits

The main areas not covered within the guarantee are:

  • damage caused by accidents or misuse or normal wear and tear
  • changing colour on exterior appearance; or
  • change in colour fastness on fabrics which will change over time depending on storage conditions, natural light and other factors

We are basically covering for the product to remain in working order for the life of the guarantee.

Therefore, if the product is cared for in accordance with the advice contained on our website, or as provided by the manufacturer, but it becomes faulty or defective, our duty is, in the first instance, to get the product back in working order. If we can’t do that, then we’ll replace it with the same product (or discuss an alternative with you if that’s not in stock or no longer available). This will all be carried out free of charge.

(Note: “Defect/faults” as used in this warranty, are defined as imperfections in material or workmanship that will impair the use of the furniture/product).

Treating or painting your furniture may affect the guarantee in that we may only be able to repair rather than replace the item for you.

Concrete and Resin Furniture -

We recommend a cover to help protect all our resin and concrete range.  Regular waxing is also recommend on concrete products.


Please note: The Turin tables are made from a fibre glass resin mix which will naturally create a certain amount of flex on the table top - this is particularly important in a table of this length to ensure the longevity of the table and to prevent any imperfections.  Pooling of rain water will naturallly occur on this table as there are no slats.  A cover is recommend when not in use.

Please also note:-

  • Ex-show room products will have the minimum one year guarantee.
  • 'Seconds' products are sold with no guarantee and are sold as seen.
  • Products are not covered by the guarantee once they are taken off the mainland UK. (This would include Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands - but excludes Anglesey & Hayling Island)

So…..what do I need to do to claim under my guarantee?

Please e-mail the team at providing full details and attaching any photographs that will support your claim, or telephone the team in the office on 01954 267857.

Primarily, it is our aim at Jo Alexander to deal with any claim fairly in accordance with the above points.