On a cold winter's evening, there's nothing more enjoyable than putting on a big woollen cardigan and curling up in front of a glowing log fire with a warm mug of Hot Chocolate. Jo Alexander offers a range of fireside accessories & hearth accessories, including log baskets (made from either rattan, rush or wire) and assorted fireside containers to help you unwind in the cosy atmosphere of your living room without the need to go out and gather more firewood.

Crafted in rattan, our intricately woven wicker baskets are beautiful to behold and would compliment the furnishings of any homey, fireside environment. Known for it's high levels of flexibility, people often mistake rattan for a weak material, when the opposite is in fact true. Being a close relative of the palm tree, rattan has an exceptionally strong core and has been used to construct hot air balloon baskets and fighter plane seats. Since rattan is so tough and durable, you don't have to worry about our baskets buckling when you're transporting logs to the fireplace.

All of our baskets feature two handles and are easy to lift, but for those looking for the deluxe log transportation experience, our Log Basket on Wheels might be just the product for you. Our baskets are also suitable for storing general household items such as clothing, linen and shoes.

If you're looking for somewhere safe and dry for your fireside log storage, visit us at Jo Alexander. Our log store is incredibly spacious and features a weatherproof roof to keep your logs protected from the elements, so that they can be burnt effectively.

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