As of today, web-site stock information is up to date - but due to a combination of circumstances that have resulted from the Global pandemic, we're really sorry to say that some orders may be delayed.  When we receive any news, we will keep you up to date and stay in touch.

In these unprecedented times, we're all doing our very best to give the service we pride ourselves on, no matter how challenging.  Whilst we do this, we cannot thank you enough for your understanding and patience towards our staff and for your continued support of Jo Alexander.




Delivery Team (Front)  Delivery team (Back)


(see below to check your Postcode Zone)

For deliveries to Zones 3 & 4 there will be a charge applicable - please contact us at the office so that we can calculate the cost using a Volumetric Weight and your Delivery Post Code 



Standard Delivery:

Jo Alexander can currently deliver smaller 'in-stock' items within a three week period via our Courier Services.  Larger items will be delivered by our own team again from March onwards.


Delivery of concrete furniture (Roma, Mira, Castra, Athena, Amara, Antibes, Turin & Seville Ranges) - During the main Season (March to October), whilst we aim to deliver the concrete furniture within the two week timeframe, this may extend to three weeks on occasion to enable us to group the deliveries geographically and so that we can provide our two-man delivery team for such heavy items.


For any VINCENT SHEPPARD products, delivery is generally between 6 - 7 weeks from the date of order (and no refunds can be offered on these orders - see our Returns Policy for more details).


Out of stock Items - If the goods are indicated as being un-available until a "due in date", then we will endeavour to deliver the furniture within ten working days of this due date unless we notify you of any further unforeseen delays.


Note: Do let us know if you have any urgent delivery requirements (ie. for birthdays, parties etc.) and we will try and assist with this.  




Click & Collect:

Collect from our Warehouse in Knapwell near Cambourne, Cambridge (at a pre-arranged time) free of charge. 

International Delivery:

We currently are not shipping to Europe.  (Please also refer to our Guarantees page for items shipped abroad).


Delivery Notification Process:-

Please note that we use one of a number of delivery services to get your order to you safely;  1) either our own delivery team, 2) a courier service (Parcel Force, DPD or UK Mail), or 3) a Pallet Service (see below for more details):

Jo Alexander Delivery Team - If we are sending our own delivery team, we will either phone you or send an e-mail to provide you with a date and three hour timeframe for the delivery.  If you are not likely to be at home when the delivery takes place, we are happy to take instruction on where the goods can be left for you, at your own risk (eg. with a neighbour, in a porch or behind the garage). If you need to leave us instructions, please don't hesitate to send us a quick e-mail. If you are unable to take delivery on the day we have scheduled, that's not a problem and we will get your delivery re-scheduled for the following week (or when our delivery team are next in your area).

We ask that all our customers understand that due to traffic, and other factors beyond our control, delivery times and days may be subject to change but we will aim to keep you notified of any such changes.

Courier Service - You will receive direct notification from the Courier service about the delivery date and time and you can alter arrangements and track parcels via their website link.

Pallet Services - A member of our team will contact you to discuss a convenient date for the pallet to arrive at your delivery address to ensure that someone will be there to sign for the items.  The Pallet Company do not, unfortunately, have the capacity to unpack or locate the furniture for you.

It is our aim to provide an efficient and helpful delivery service but we need your help as well by remembering the following points when ordering:


  • Please provide us with sufficient information so that you may be contacted easily (eg. most accessible telephone number - work or mobile).
  • Delivery is deemed as completed upon deliverance of the Goods at the agreed address/location. It is the Customer's responsibility to position the goods into the chosen part (of the garden) of the agreed address and whilst our Driver may be able to assist on occasions, this will be dependent on time and ability.
  • Most items will need some assembly (product pages will indicate where items are already pre-assembled). We do provide an assembly service (by prior arrangement) charged at the following rates:- Benches £10, Table Sets £19.00 - please call the office to find out more and to make payment for this.
  • We fully recycle all the cardboard packaging from our furniture. If you would like us to take any packaging away with us to dispose of please arrange this prior to your delivery for which as small charge of £10 is made.
  • In certain circumstances, (due to its weight), it may be necessary for more than one person to off-load furniture from the van. Where it is not possible for us to send more than one person (Note: there would also be delivery cost implications with this), Customer assistance may, therefore, be required. 
  • Make sure you inform us of any obstacles which may make the delivery of large furniture items difficult. (Examples include, narrow road/gate access, steps and tight angles).  If your new garden furniture has to be taken through the inside of your property to the garden location, please be aware that this is at your own risk and Jo Alexander holds no responsibility for loss or damage to property and fixings inside your home.
  • It is your responsibility to check the measurements of the furniture to ensure that it will fit into the desired location and/or elevators/lifts (weight and height). A delivery charge will be made if we are unable to deliver an order/item as a consequence of mis-measurement or if a re-delivery has to be arranged.
  • Are there any additional directions that will help the delivery driver to locate your property? If so, please notify us via e-mail. Thank you

Give us a call to see if we can turn it around before the stock items only (Note: In some circumstances there may be an increase in cost for this)

Order Security:

Using our online ordering system, you are assured of the highest standards of online security and privacy. Read about our processes and systems.

For specific information on our Returns Policy, please click here. You can also read our terms & conditions.

If you need to get in touch, please don't hesitate to go to our contact details.

Email or call us on 01954 267857 for a quote.

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Alphabetical list of postcode areas and zones

AB, Aberdeen, Zone 3
AL, St Albans, Zone 2
B, Birmingham, Zone 2
BA, Bath, Zone 2
BB, Blackburn, Zone 2
BD, Bradford, Zone 2
BH, Bournemouth, Zone 2
BL, Bolton, Zone 2
BN, Brighton, Zone 2
BR, Bromley, Zone 2
BS, Bristol, Zone 2
CA, Carlisle, Zone 3
CB, Cambridge, Zone 1
CF, Cardiff, Zone 2
CH, Chester, Zone 2
CM, Chelmsford, Zone 2
CO, Colchester, Zone 2
CR, Croydon, Zone 2
CT, Canterbury, Zone 2
CV, Coventry, Zone 2
CW, Crewe, Zone 2
DA, Dartford, Zone 2
DD, Dundee, Zone 3
DE, Derby, Zone 2
DG, Dumfries, Zone 3
DH, Durham, Zone 3
DL, Darlington, Zone 3
DN, Doncaster, Zone 2
DT, Dorchester, Zone 2
DY, Dudley, Zone 2
E, London E, Zone 2
EC, London EC, Zone 2
EH, Edinburgh, Zone 3
EN, Enfield, Zone 2
EX, Exeter, Zone 3
FK, Falkirk and Stirling, Zone 3
FY, Blackpool, Zone 2
G, Glasgow, Zone 3
GL, Gloucester, Zone 2
GU, Guildford, Zone 2
HA, Harrow, Zone 2
HD, Huddersfield, Zone 2
HG, Harrogate, Zone 2
HP, Hemel Hempstead, Zone 2
HR, Hereford, Zone 2
HU, Hull, Zone 2
HX, Halifax, Zone 2
IG, Ilford, Zone 2
IP, Ipswich, Zone 2
IV, Inverness, Zone 3 for IV4 to IV9, IV63
IV, Inverness, Zone 4 for IV1 to IV3, IV10 to IV28, IV30 to IV32, IV36, IV40 to IV49, IV51 to IV56
KA, Kilmarnock, Zone 3 for KA1 to KA26, KA29 to KA30
KA, Kilmarnock, Zone 4 for KA27 to KA28
KT, Kingston upon Thames, Zone 2
KW, Kirkwall, Zone 4
KY, Kirkcaldy, Zone 3
L, Liverpool, Zone 2
LA, Lancaster, Zone 3
LD, Llandrindod Wells, Zone 3
LE, Leicester, Zone 2
LL, Llandudno, Zone 3
LN, Lincoln, Zone 2
LS, Leeds, Zone 2
LU, Luton, Zone 2
M, Manchester, Zone 2
ME, Rochester, Zone 2
MK, Milton Keynes, Zone 1 for MK41 & MK44
MK, Milton Keynes, Zone 2 for all other MK postcodes
ML, Motherwell, Zone 3
N, London N, Zone 2
NE, Newcastle upon Tyne, Zone 3
NG, Nottingham, Zone 2
NN, Northampton, Zone 2
NP, Newport, Zone 2
NR, Norwich, Zone 2
NW, London NW, Zone 2
OL, Oldham, Zone 2
OX, Oxford, Zone 2
PA, Paisley, Zone 3 for PA1 to PA19
PA, Paisley, Zone 4 for PA20 to PA49, PA60 to PA78
PE, Peterborough, Zone 1 for PE7 to PE8, PE15 to PE19, PE26 to PE29
PE, Peterborough, Zone 2 for PE1 to PE6, PE9 to PE14, PE20 to PE25, PE30 to PE38
PH, Perth, Zone 3 for PH1 to PH16
PH, Perth, Zone 4 for PH17 to PH26, PH30 to PH44, PH49 to PH50
PL, Plymouth, Zone 3
PO, Portsmouth, Zone 2 for PO1 to PO22
PO, Isle of Wight, Zone 3 for PO30 to PO41
PR, Preston, Zone 2
RG, Reading, Zone 2
RH, Redhill, Zone 2
RM, Romford, Zone 2
S, Sheffield, Zone 2
SA, Swansea, Zone 3
SE, London SE, Zone 2
SG, Stevenage, Zone 1 for SG7, SG8, SG15, SG16, SG17, SG18, SG19
SG, Stevenage, Zone 2 all other SG postcodes
SK, Stockport, Zone 2
SL, Slough, Zone 2
SM, Sutton, Zone 2
SN, Swindon, Zone 2
SO, Southampton, Zone 2
SP, Salisbury, Zone 2
SR, Sunderland, Zone 3
SS, Southend-on-Sea, Zone 2
ST, Stoke-on-Trent, Zone 2
SW, London SW, Zone 2
SY, Shrewsbury, Zone 2
TA, Taunton, Zone 3
TD, Galashiels, Zone 3
TF, Telford, Zone 2
TN, Tonbridge, Zone 2
TQ, Torquay, Zone 3
TR, Truro Mainland, Zone 3 for TR1 to TR20, TR26 to TR27
TR, Truro Scilly Isles, Zone 4 for TR21 to TR25
TS, Cleveland, Zone 2
TW, Twickenham, Zone 2
UB, Southall, Zone 2
W, London W, Zone 2
WA, Warrington, Zone 2
WC, London WC, Zone 2
WD, Watford, Zone 2
WF, Wakefield, Zone 2
WN, Wigan, Zone 2
WR, Worcester, Zone 2
WS, Walsall, Zone 2
WV, Wolverhampton, Zone 2
YO, York, Zone 2