Large Steel Neptune Parasol Base

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Ideal for the larger parasol (round or rectangle) and sturdy enough for those occasions when you might want to stand a parasol separate to your garden table (eg. over a sunny Sofa area or relaxing Day Bed).

This large Neptune Parasol base plate and tube is suitable for both the 3.0m round & 2.2 x 3.1m rectangle parasols that Jo Alexander supplies.


Material: Black / Charcoal Steel
Size: 50 x 50cm
Weight: 23.5kg
Tube diameter: 60mm outside and 57mm inside

Additional Info

Parasol Bases

A Jo Alexander Parasol is the best way to complete the look of most tables within our Teak Garden Furniture Collection, given that most of them come fitted with a 50mm hole where a Parasol can be installed. Another equally elegant option for outdoor retreating is the choice of installing a free standing Parasol, one that will cast a great shadow in your lush patch of grass, a place of unrivalled coolness in a warm summer day. The latter is also a great option when accompanying a Sunlounger, given that sunbathing requires protecting oneself from harmful UV rays.

Unless your preferred choice is the Gate Leg Folding Table in our collection, a table whose superb design omits the need for a Parasol Base, one of these stands will be necessary to ensure the shade one had in mind. All the Parasol Bases listed within this section are perfectly designed to fit one of our Parasols, be it Round or Rectangular. No other Parasol Base in the market is as suited to a Jo Alexander Parasol as the one listed herein.

Two sizes are available, Medium (40x40cm) and Large (50x50cm). Both of them are elegantly designed so that their bulk is minimised to a single sheet of highest-quality steel, one that will remain disguised at floor level.

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