Set of Four Baskets

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Four attractive, perfectly sized baskets with carry handles and which also stack inside one another. One for the logs, one for the toys/games, one for the newspapers & magazines and one for those loose bits and bobs that you never know where to put!

(Please note: As each basket is handmade, there may be slight variances on the measurements given)



Outside edges: 63cm x 49cm 
Inside edges: 58cm x 44cm
Full Height (including Handles): 49cm
Basket Height: 40cm


Outside edges: 56cm x 42cm
Inside edges: 50cm x 39cm
Full Height (including Handles): 44cm
Basket Height: 36cm


Outside edges: 45cm x 35cm 
Inside edges: 40cm x 31cm
Full Height (including Handles): 38cm
Basket Height: 30cm

...and the baby:

Outside edges: 38cm x 29cm 
Inside edges: 34cm x 26cm
Full Height (including Handles): 33cm
Basket Height: 26cm

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Item ref: JABAS01
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