Seville Polished Modular Concrete Sofa

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    The Main Picture shows an L-shaped configuration and is made up of 1 corner section and 3 mid sections.

    Add in the modular sections that you require to create this stunning concrete sofa - something a little different, modern, cool and snazzy for the Summer.   This is a "wow" for any garden, bringing style, atmosphere and character with it. Great for entertaining, partying or just relaxing in the sunshine.  Cushions included in either Graphite Black or Natural.

    Complete the set by adding the Seville polished concrete rectangle Coffee Table or a teak coffee table to suit your style.

    * Fibre reinforced polished concrete - sturdy & durable
    * Pre-treated all weather exterior
    * Low maintenance with easy clean surface
    * Contemporary look
    * Cushions included with anti-slip mesh
    * Modular sections for flexibility

    Scatter cushions sold separately

    Please note: Due to limitations on a clean, dust free environment, it may not always be possible for our Warehouse team to place the cushion covers on the inners before a delivery occurs.  

    Please see the 'Additional Info' and 'Product Care' sections below for more pointers on what to take into consideration when buying concrete furniture.

    Seville Mid Section: 

    Width : 70cm
    Depth : 80cm
    Height : 73cm
    Seat Height with Cushion : 44cm
    Weight: Approx 69kg

    Seville Corner Section:

    Width : 80cm
    Depth : 80cm
    Height : 73cm
    Seat Height with Cushion : 44cm
    Weight: Approx 88kg

    Seville Coffee Table - not shown in main picture:

    Length : 120cm
    Width : 80cm
    Height : 50cm
    Weight: Approx 80kg

    Additional Info

    Our concrete range is made from water, sand, cement and Jute. Some items are then re-enforced with a metal grid. Our concrete range is delivered with a pre-treatment – this will need reapplying - it doesn’t last forever!

    The concrete surface has not been designed to be smooth or flat. Micro-bubbles and indentations occur where the concrete has been removed from the mould. This is not a fault in the sofa - it is a natural characteristic of concrete.

    Concrete is pretty robust, but it is prone to cracks and chips - it can react to its environment or it can be damaged by an impact of some sort. It is important to stress that cracks do not affect its durability they simply add character to the table. If character is not what you are after – you can carry out simple repairs by using fast drying cement and sanding with a fine sandpaper. The repair will be visible, but it will blend into the mottled appearance of the surface over time, especially with the re-application of our wax treatment.

    The concrete surface, over time, will change in its appearance – this makes the product unique to you and your way of life. Bumps and chips are part of its charm.

    Product Care

    We advise that you do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on the concrete.

    Wiping it over with a damp cloth and non-citric washing up liquid is generally recommended. Acidic substances, such as vinegar or lemon juice, could etch the surface of the concrete.

    Concrete is porous and liquid can soak into the surface but with regular waxing, (approximately three times a year, or more if desired) this will help to keep your table sealed. We can provide a wax for this purpose, see our Concrete Furniture Wax.

    The use of a Furniture Cover all year round will help to protect your garden furniture and prolong the life of the concrete. (Please note: Covers should be raised off the surface to ensure that air can circulate sufficiently. Ensure in extreme weather conditions (scorching heat or snow/frost) that the cover is not directly touching the top of the sofa or you may find that it will stick to the concrete and leave markings on the surface.

    Product Reference
    Item ref: JASEV04-BUNDLE
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