Roma Polished Concrete & Wood Bench 160 cm

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This fibre reinforced polished concrete and wood bench, with an Acacia Lime washed wooden frame, has an impressive matt finish and a smooth waxy feel to the top which is strong and hard wearing. This is definitely the way to go for an innovative and stunning look to your garden.

* Pre-treated all weather exterior

The Roma is a stylish, unique concrete range taking you away from the usual, traditional wooden garden furniture giving your garden a strong, bold statement! Durable, distinctive, and delightful.


160 x 40 x 45cm

Weight:  53kg

Product Care
We advise that you do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on the concrete. Wiping it over with a damp cloth and non-citric washing up liquid is generally recommended.
Acidic substances, such as vinegar or lemon juice, could etch the surface of the concrete.
Concrete is porous and liquid can soak into the surface so ensure you wipe up any spillages immediately, but with regular waxing, (approximately three times a year, or more if desired) this will help to keep your table sealed. We suggest using a good quality car wax for this job.
The use of a Furniture Cover all year round will help to protect your garden furniture and prolong the life of the concrete and wooden frame.
Product Reference
Item ref: ROMA009-160cm
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